Install AnyDesk Version 5 ?

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Install AnyDesk Version 5 ?

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I am trying to install AnyDesk or higher on a Odroid C2 with DietPI (latest version).
I found out by trial-and-error that only the very old version of AnyDesk , namely AnyDesk 2.9.4-1_armhf is working properly with DietPI (anydesk_2.9.4-1_armhf.deb, 1.864.774 bytes).
I failed to properly install any Anydesk 5.x versions. They get larger and need more libraries; but then they won't be able to be remote controlled properly, I get all sort of errors , like "display_driver_not_supported" etc.

Has anyone of you been able to install higher "Anydesk" versions on DietPI and if so, how ?

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