Unbound on DietPi?

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Unbound on DietPi?

Post by Puunda »

Hello forum,
I installed Unbound with Pi-hole on my Raspi DietPi but ran into some problems. I'm not an expert and somebody told me following a Raspbian tutorial on DietPi wasn't such a clever idea. So, is there a tutorial for bringing Unbound to DietPi? Or maybe even plans to add it to dietpi-software?

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Re: Unbound on DietPi?

Post by ShaneC80 »

I've nothing worthwhile to add, but I just want to say:

Hey, I'd like to do this also!

I've just not gotten around to trying it out yet

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Re: Unbound on DietPi?

Post by tjamaa »

Here is a link that got me going:
(on DietPi, yes)

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