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phpBB3 not listed during installation

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2019 2:39 pm
by Vulcan Brady
So I wanted to run phpBB on a Raspberry Pi 3B+, and found that DietPi supports it. It's listed on, and tutorials all show it listed under the social section during the installation... but it's not there. I've searched the whole list during install, searched the web, read changelogs, FAQ's, etc.

I can't find why I'm not seeing it as an option. Can someone shed some light on this?

Re: phpBB3 not listed during installation

Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2019 6:08 pm
by MichaIng
Thanks for your report. Indeed phpBB cannot be installed on Buster systems currently, since it does not support PHP7.3. This is planned for phpBB version 7.3.0, but not sure when release is planned.

Btw on DietPi forum (this) we successfully run phpBB on PHP7.3, so it work, but the initial phpBB setup and upgrades are denied with that. Hence one needs to install PHP7.2 first, applies the firstrun setup/update for phpBB and then install PHP7.3... So nothing that we can offer to end users.

Re: phpBB3 not listed during installation

Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2019 4:14 pm
by Vulcan Brady
Thanks for the reply! I appreciate the information. In the meanwhile, I guess I can use the time waiting to play with some other stuff DietPi can do.

If anyone knows any other systems which DietPi can support phpBB, I'll be around 8)