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dietpi raspberry 3 Google Aiy error(!=selected4install)

Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:25 pm
by naylui
1.I'm new......
2.Issue: Flashed SD with Etcher,inserted into raspberry with Ethernet, only selected Dropbear,ProFTP&Lighttpd hit ok.Everything seems normal(some errors/infos, nothing to be scared of) and then something related to Google AIY appears->Testing connection to,.... and then error, please report issue on github....Why the does something related to Google fucking AIY appears when I didn't touch that setting(BTW, I deleted everything from dietpi-software releated to google and it' still stopping in the same place)
Maybe the error it's not related to Google AIY, but what connection is checking and why?
Anyone had a similar issue? I'm trying automatic install now, maybe it will work.....