Banana Pi Pro Kernel 4.x

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Banana Pi Pro Kernel 4.x

Post by kneiser »

I am new to your distribution so pardon me if my question is "different". I recently had to go looking for a new distribution as Bananian will no longer be upgraded. So in my shopping around I decided to try DietPi.

I noticed the build I recently downloaded for the Banana Pi Pro is using kernel 3.4. Are there plans to move to kernel 4.x? Or are there instructions somewhere, like Bananian had, to switch to the newer kernel?

Looking forward to an answer! :D
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Re: Banana Pi Pro Kernel 4.x

Post by Fourdee »


Sorry, no plans to switch to 4.x for this device, its still classed as "unstable" in the majority and I lack the time.

You can use ARMbian build tools to build the 4.x kernel packages, then install on the system:
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