Nextcloud and Letsencrypt

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Re: Nextcloud and Letsencrypt

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Thanks MichaIng,

Now that I know I have to use a domain name, I have one that is currently managed with Google Domains. Any configuration needed there? The corresponding web space is a 'shared hosting baby plan' with Hostgator. With a little reading, it seemed that Hostgator does not seamlessly allow baby plan subscribers to use SSL with LetsEncrypt. I'm confused if Letsencrypt will need me to configure anything at Google Domains or Hostgator. Last time I ran Letsencrypt, I remember it throwing some error regarding the domain name being not responding, or was it the email not responding. I will run it again soon with a NULL email address and get the exact error I receive (hope I don't get any).
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Re: Nextcloud and Letsencrypt

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carltonb wrote: Tue May 23, 2017 9:13 pm Every few months my Nextcloud installation crashes.
I have created a bunch of instructions to reinstall it and it has always worked fine up until today.
I am on a Odroid C2
I go through the basic setup of Dietpi.
I install Nextcloud, which installs lightpd.
I install NoIP.
I install Certbot.
At this point my site works fine.
Today I go to install Letsencrypt. I complete the dialog and install it.
Now my site is dead. Can not access it at all.

Has anything changed? Am I missing a step?
i had the same exact issue. Got it working after port forwarding 443 (on top of 80) at the router side. dietpi + lighttpd + letsencrypt + nextcloud
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