DietPi v6.4 (Hotfix)

Patch notes and changes for each DietPi release.
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DietPi v6.4 (Hotfix)

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DietPi v6.4 (Hotfix)

09 March 2018

Changes / Improvements / Optimizations:

DietPi-Cron | Added ability to set minutely based cron jobs (eg: every 3 minutes), using /etc/cron.minutely.
Many thanks to @d5c0d3 for adding this feature:

DietPi-Software | UrBackupServer: Updated to latest version 2.2.8:

Bug Fixes:

General | Resolved an issue with dietpi user password, being reset during patch, due to set_core_environment:

General | Resolved issues with swapfile being disabled by default due to image bug. To resolve existing installations with 0 swapfile,
swapfile will be forcefully re-created during this patch for all systems, with automatic size (2GB-RAM): ... -371516418

General | Resolved incorrect scaling with G_WHIP_VIEWLOG: ... 317#p11317

General | Resolved issues with G_AGDUG missing the additional distro specific command line options:

General | Resolved an issue with DietPi-RAMdisk/log, where /var/tmp/dietpi/logs would not be generated if removed, causing the service to
fail: ... 322#p11322

General | Resolved an issue where 'dhcpcd' and 'dhclient' were active side-by-side: ... -370136642

General | Resolved an issue, where CPU microcode APT package was based on image creating CPU instead of target CPU:

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