XU4 cloudshell 4.9 fan speed


Can someone help me to set the fan speed on a XU4 with kernel 4.9. The temp is quite high (68 degree C), even with a max cpu freq of 800.

Thanks for your help.

now with some poking around I could bring the temp down to 48 C cpu freq of 1400 with this command :

echo 90 150 190 252 > /sys/devices/platform/pwm-fan:/hwmon/hwmon0/fan_speed

but the fan is constantly spinning. Is there a way to cool the cpu on demand?

The official XU4 heatsink+fan is insufficient for the device. Even at full RPM, it basically does “nothing” to reduce temps. Heatsink lacks the surface area for the fan to have any sufficient effect.

Capping to 1.4GHz should keep temps under 80’c~, however, your high temps at 800MHz may indicate poor contact with CPU + heatsink.

The passive heatsink performs better than stock, around 10-20’c cooler under full load:

The stock active cooler mounted on the XU4 is more efficient at dissipating heat away from the processor for most of use cases.

This is incorrect in my tests.