[XU4] 8188CUS USB disconnects

I have a 8188CUS connected to my XU4 and running Dietpi v158 with kernel 4.9.60.

After a while (2-3 days) the WLAN Stick itself (USB wise) just disconnects.
It works again when I physically remove it and stick it back into USB 2.0 port.

Is there anything USB driver incompatibility known or is this maybe just a defect stick ?
For now I connected a Ralink Technology, Corp. RT2870/RT3070 Wireless Adapter what works fine for now.

What do I need to collect on data for giving more info about this issue if this also happens with the other adapter ?


Have you Auto Reconnect: Enabeld in Wireless Network Options?
It is a fix for some users issue since v.155.


Sorry, don’t know for which Wifi chipsets it will work, but here is the script:

Some XU4’s left the factory with a coating on the USB connectors that needed cleaning off with alcohol.

See here:



Thanks for the feedback. Yes auto reconnect is enabled but cannot work as the stick is totally gone. I had the chance to look into with dmesg one time and it showed that the USB device was gone.

THX for the tipp. That would fit in.

I will try that and report back if it occures again


Hi again,

so after cleaning the port contacts the stick runs without disappearing again.

But now when my WLAN drops out (from the router) there is no reconnect happening, although reconnect is enabled.
So one problem solved the another persists. Maybe the stick is not compatible to the script.

Anyways, I moved to LAN connection as my XH4 is used for home-automatation and in the end LAN is more secure/persistant than WLAN.

THX for the help guys