X86 laptop fan constantly on

Hi! I’m been keen to upgrade my hardware to x86 but I have a issue that I really can’t find any reason for it’s behaving like this.

Whenever I do try to use either bios or uefi images the fan will be on constantly. I can’t change the temperature threshold or manipulate fan curves as it seems it straight up ignores it. I saw that the image uses Ubuntu as a base so I tried Ubuntu server and popos and there it seems like the issue is gone. I don’t know how to recreate the issue since it appears as soon I install the image.

I don’t know what more information you need since this is regarding an x86 laptop but the model is an hp zbook 15 g3u with an i6200u. What more information would be helpful and I’ll be happy to provide it!

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To avoid a misunderstanding, we don’t use Ubuntu. Our images are based on Debian. :wink:
Maybe you could test with plain Debian image. I guess there is a package missing that is controlling the fan. You could try to install following

apt  install lm-sensors fancontrol
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