[Workaround] HiBy R5 not recognized as USB DAC on Odroid C2

When I attach the R5 to a USB port of my Odroid C2 it is not recognized. lsusb and dmesg do not show it. On my Ubuntu 22.04 PC it does show up.

Anyone any ideas?


Probably a missing driver on Debian. After a fresh reboot, you could have a look to dmesg and/or journalctl to check if there is a hint on your hiby r5. As well you could ask HiBy support if there is any specific driver/software needed.

Looked around and finally found that there appears to be a bug with the C2 in recognizing USB devices. A workaround that seems to work - weird but it works with mine too - is to add a second USB device and reboot the device. I added an USB drive and both are now recognized, initialized and working after a reboot. (When removing one of the devices it again doesn’t stick after a reboot.)

ah you mean this one?

Do you recall such an issue?

No, this one:

Uhh that’s quite an old topic. Strange that it still has not been fixed by Armbian guy’s.

Let’s see if @MichaIng has an idea.

Yeah, I’ve been searching the web quite extensively but didn’t find any more recent information.
Thanks for your help.

New to me as well, also because our Armbian kernel based C2 image is quite new. I’m not sure whether Armbian team is actually aware that this is still an issue. C2 is still a supported device, so it could make sense to report the issue again (the old thread is closed).

Posted on the Armbian forum:

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Hi @MichaIng ,

As discussed on the Armbian forum I tried it with the current Ubuntu 20.04 image from Odroid and with the current Bullseye image of Armbian.

Odroid Ubuntu: usb device is correctly found
Armbian Bullseye: the usb device is NOT correctly found

As Igor on the Armbian forum stated extensively, they do not have the resources to follow up on this. For me it is possible to use the Odroid Ubuntu image and I will work with that. But it is too bad that DietPi inherits this problem. If you want I can post or sent you directly the outcome of dmesg that shows different kernel command lines between the Odroid Ubuntu and Armbian setup. I don’t know what else I can do, I am afraid.

I see now that using the Ubuntu image isn’t a good idea as it is still on the very old 3.16 kernel.:upside_down_face: Will use DietPi with the workaround.

Yes that is the problem, the kernel is so old that it requires a lot of workarounds to work with recent software and Debian Bullseye.

When you tested Armbian, could you run armbianmonitor as suggested by one of the guys and post or on their forum? Just as a verification that it’s indeed and issue with the kernel to be picked up once someone finds time.