Wordpress setup fails

Wordpress setup fails

Hello all,

I’m at a loss at the moment.
I set up a fresh system with only wordpress.
here I come after the language selection up to the variable ones with
and here it ends.
i can no longer connect.
so far it was no problem ???

does anyone know any advice ?

Which webserver did you choose (Apache/NGINX/Lighttpd)?
I tested all three webservers and also could not go on.

@MichaIng; @Joulinar: Any ideas?

Works fine here on x86_64 Bullseye VM with Apache2 webserver, which I’d recommend unless you are able to create rewrite rules and other stuff written to .htaccess by WordPress and plugins in Nginx/Lighttpd manually.

Generally when posting to the troubleshooting forum, it would be great if you could fill the offered template and grant as much information as possible, so we do not waste time testing on platforms/with setups that do not match your failing case. This includes the error code shown in the browser. Also show relevant logs from webserver, PHP and database, please:

journalctl -u apache2 -u php7.4-fpm -u mariadb

I installed a fresh DietPi VM (on Proxmox), only changed the localisation and then installed WordPress via dietpi-software install 55 and selected Apache.
Then after entering the database credentials I get

I then installed phpmyadmin and there is no table in the wordpress database:
(I assume this needs to be initiated during the first run setup of WordPress).

In the journalctl output there seems to be no problem, no error message occurs.

The problem arises, if you do not enter ‘wordpress’ in the first field (see arrow), i.e. you keep the field empty.


Great !

That was exactly the solution for me.
But the first Wordpress is also deceptively real …

Many thanks

yes, the database name needs to be filled in, even if it looks like it’s prefilled. Maybe we would need to make it clear within our docs as these are mandatory fields.

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Done: WordPress: Hint for initial dialog added by StephanStS · Pull Request #858 · MichaIng/DietPi-Docs · GitHub

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