Wondering if anyone tried installing OpenMediaVault6?

Wondering if anyone tried installing OpenMediaVault6 ? Did a search before posting this query and I saw some threads back from 2016 , 2017. Thought I’ll ask if there’s any recent attempt by anyone. Thanks!

I did back in may. I didn’t notice any issues. I didn’t have it installed very long, though, I was chasing down SSD issues. But it did install.

I got it running on my NanoPi-R5S, make sure to configure your install with openssh and not the standard dropbear. It also took me I think 3x running the script until it fully installed at the end but it seems to be working now.

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And many thanks for sharing your experience @gentoonix @meco

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Thanks for sharing @gentoonix @meco

Update: Docker, Portainer and Home Assistant (in Docker) with USB-Passthrough work too. As well as a JMB585 5Port Nvme Sata Adapter (M Key Version). Currently working on getting ZFS running… Will update :slight_smile:


I couldn’t get ZFS Working. I read somewhere on a forum that armbian found the issue and it’s fixed with their Kernel 5.19.X but since that doesn’t apply to my case and i’m not keen to building my own kernel with the right fixes I settled to just format the Drive I‘m running as ext4. I‘m surprised everything else worked as great as it did

Remember reading somewhere that you need a custom kernel to load zfs kernel module. And I believe there is a way to get a kernel version from proxmox. But I never entured into it. TrueNAS Scale is built on ZFS but they dont have an ARM port (as much I know).

You just need the kernel module, which can be built via DKMS. The following will setup everything, but you need to install kernel headers first (package name depends on device for that), e.g. for Raspberry Pi:

apt install raspberrypi-kernel-headers
apt install zfs-dkms
apt install zfsutils-linux

But someone just told me yesterday that ZFS had high memory usage and hence isn’t suitable for many SBCs. However, a test/benchmark would be quite interesting.