Wireless hotspot not accessible - Pi4


I had a Pi3 set-up as a VPN access point and had set-up the wireless hotspot using the dietpi-software installer. After configuring the hotspot in dietpi-config everything worked perfectly.

Now I want to set-up my Pi4 the same way. I installed the latest dietpi 64bit image ran all the updates and configured the VPN. Again this works perfectly. Now I’ve set-up the wireless hotpoint in the same way as for the Pi3 but I cannot see the AP. Even manually entering the SSID and passoword my devices cannot see this network. Any ideas?

I just did up an access point (think it is different from a hotspot) for my home automation.

Documented what I did at https://smallalley.blogspot.com (dd 14th Oct 2021) using DietPi.

Maybe it helps.