wifi shows connectivity but won’t actually connect

Sorry if this has been discussed but it is a little nuanced so it makes it difficult to find answers on.

So, i set up my rpi 4 with dietpi a couple months ago. I tried to set up vpn but it wasn’t working, so i gave that up for the time being and moved on in the setup. i reached the part where it asks you if you want to set up a static ip address and i got stuck. I was using ssh at the time and the internet connectivity dropped so i was essentially locked out. What was weird was that when i logged into my router, it showed DietPi connected. But when i tried to ping it or ssh into it it wouldn’t show up. i noticed it would drop off some of the time and then go back up on my router, however was never able to access it remotely again. i ordered a usb keyboard to be able to have a more reliable connectivity, but haven’t gotten around to it until now.

now when i logged in, for some reason it took my password but then told me to switch the global passwords and all that stuff that i thought was only supposed to come on first boot. so that confused me but i did it. anyways i again got to the config place where i was trying to set the static ip address, set it to static and clicked the option to “copy static ip address” or something, not sure of the exact wordage. and i checked my network settings which has the correct network name and password. it says “connected” but when i run a network test, it says not connected. it goes between connected and unconnected, but never passes the connection test, always says the packets were not received. i believe it says host not found. meanwhile, on my router settings, i am seeing that it is connected, but at 0 mbps. so it’s like it’s connected but not able to send or receive anything. also, it used to be named DietPi and have an up address, now it just shows some mysterious mac address and doesn’t even show an ip for it.

i worked on trying to solve this for hours today and am getting frustrated, can anyone tell me when may be wrong or diagnostic tests to find out? i tried setting up the vpn originally, so i don’t know if it could have connected when i thought it didn’t, and maybe this could be the reason for me being unable to find it on my network with a ping?

i’m somewhat new to this and trying to learn everything can be overwhelming, especially when you get stuck somewhere. any help would be appreciated!!!