WiFi Problems

I’m trying a fresh install of DietPi and I’m running into an error. No matter how I try to configure Wifi (either through dietpi-config, or through editing the dietpi.txt file on the SD card before first run) I’m always getting this error:

null: error fetching interface information: device not found

when the system tries to connect to the WiFi. On the config screen, it even shows Wifi as “Available | Enabled | Disconnected” but it always shows that Null error.

Any thoughts?

Which device?

crystal ball mod on: - a Raspberry Pi 3 B + ? Launched five days ago?

Which device?

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B V1.2


I’m not using the newest Pi that was released less than a week ago. If that were the case, I would completely understand bugs and issues with the hardware. My Model B is V1.2. I think I’ve had it at least half a year, maybe more.

Any help would be appreciated!