WiFi HotSpot working on RPI, not on ZeroPi

Hi folks
trying to set up a mobile Squeezebox/LMS-Server-box.
Did it with a ZeroPi, DietPi, Wifi-Hotspot - not working. No WLAN to see…
Another try with a RPi Ver.2 and same WLAN-stick - all fine.
Just wanted the ZeroPi as my mobile device 'cause of size, battery and cuteness. Unluckily not working… Is it possible to fix it?


one small question. Independent on the Wifi-Hotspot functionality, is your WiFi Stick working on your ZeroPi? Are you able to connect with your WiFi Stick to your local WLAN?

Yes, WLAN is working, IP adress via DHCP.
In the dietpi-config menu as well, network/wifi mentioned as “working”…

But there is no dietpi network if I scan the WLAN.

(if I do the same with an RPi 2 with the same stick, it’s working fine including the reachable WLAN…)

Ok to get the Hotspot working, let’s start from the beginning and uninstall hotspot function first and do a reboot afterwards.

Once done ensure Ethernet is Connected, WiFi is Available but Disconnected.

             ●─ Adapter Options ─────────────●
Ethernet     : Available | [On] | Connected
WiFi         : Available | [On] | Disconnected
Onboard WiFi : [On]

if this is the case, goto dietpi-software and install 60 - WiFi Hotspot. It will reboot your system once finished. Pls check status of service afterwads

systemctl status hostapd.service
journalctl -u hostapd.service

I reinstalled Pi on my system. After I have problems with cable LAN connection, but wireless connection is OK. I cannot understand because cable is OK with TV, Xbox and my husband laptop on Win10.

Note that some WiFi adapters simply do not support hotspot/AP functionality, others are only not supported by the drivers. If you have another WiFi dongle, could you retest with that one?