Wifi hotspot question

Hi. I have a question regarding the use of wifi hotspot. I don’t understand what it is for if the router provides the wifi connection anyway. what would be the advantage of installing wifi hotspot. If I have to connect to the ethernet connection of the router, at most I will be able to get away one meter from the router, so I can’t cover much more space with the wifi. can someone enlighten me? Thank you


many thanks for your message. There are quite a lot of use-cases where it would make sense to have a separate WiFi. You might share connectivity with your devices when travelling via a Pi hotspot (the Pi gets connectivity via LAN while your devices always connect to the same SSID). You might want to have a car, drone, or other gizmo, which you connect to in the field, where no infrastructure is present. You maybe have a business where you want to setup separate access…

Hello, thanks for the answer. So the use of hotspot is not to increase the strength of the wifi signal, but to create one where it is not. In that sense it was not what I was looking for: I have the router in a room in the house, and the Wi-Fi signal does not cover the entire apartment. I believed that the raspberry pi boosted the signal. My mistake. Thank you anyway. Cheers

That’s typically a feature of a WiFi repeater. And yes, the RPi can be turned into something like this. But it’s not a function supported by DietPi because DietPi is offering HotSpot mode only. Therefore you would need to configure and mange it yourselves, unfortunately. Your device would need to act like a bridge to be able to create an own WiFi network that will be routed thru the Ethernet to your router.

hi, thanks for the reply again. I’ve been reading something about raspap, but it doesn’t seem possible to implement in dietpi.

why should it not be possible?