WiFi Dongle

I have a WiFi dongle on my Odroid XU4. I run dietpi-config and it shows and even lets me connect to a WiFi network but the connection drops almost instantly. It reconnects and drops again and again. I need to know how to stabilise the connection.

My biggest thing holding me back is I have no internet via LAN at the moment. Very long story short NBNco are completely incompetent.

I am a basic user so telling me to provide logs is not helpful. Say which logs from where and how to get them if you want them.

I don’t know if this matters. I have tried with several different connections. This is a nano usb dongle from eBay that has been used in the past for a Raspberry Pi 2 running DietPi. Yes my DietPi is fully up to date as of 4 days ago.

This is a picture of what happens after I connect to a wireless network. The connection says it’s up but any tests cannot connect to the internet and it only stays connected for 3-15 seconds before dropping and reconnecting.