Widevine not available

Dietpi V8 + catchup tv beta 17

Good evening
When i try to watch ton 6play programme, i have this message :

Widevine cdm is currently not available natively on ARM64. Please switch to a 32-bit user space for Widevine CDM support

This means you would need to use 32bit OS version.

It Can’t works on 64 bits ??

No, this stuff is extracted from chromebooks libwidevinecdm.so and chromebooks come only with ARmv7l (32bit) or x86_64 CPUs, so no chance for a ARM64 version.

just to avoid a misunderstanding, this is not a limitation of DietPi. It’s a limitation of the software title you like to run.

I reinstalled everything with the v7 version of dietpi. It’s all good.

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