why i can access my pi zero w via http://dietpi/

for example, I had installed node-red on my pi zero w
and I can access it just http://dietpi:1880/ overall the local network.

before this, I install node-red on raspian. and access it with http://zerow.local:1880
I can access it by zerow.local:1880 on Mac.
but I can not access zero w by zerow.local:1880 on my smartphone.

so, somebody can help me out what made this difference?


You’ll need to install avahi-daemon for hostname broadcasting:

dietpi-software install 152

thank you! so avahi-daemon is pre-install software in DietPi image right?

but I find that in the software additional avahi-daemon is not install currently.

dietpi was clean installed on zero w
without install additional software
and I can access it by http://dietpi/

but a clean install of raspian lite
it can access by http://pi.local/
but it can not access on android phone

wanna know what makes this difference

finally , I find out I can access my pi by pi.local/ and pi/

that is the same with dietpi

thanks !

did you modify your hosts file?

How did you get it working?

avahi-daemon is not installed by default with DietPi. The additional package increases cpu/mem usage (spawns a process). And, in most cases, is not required by the user.

However, we do offer it for additional installation in dietpi-software, if required :slight_smile:

i do not modify any hosts file or something.

but I found it would not work with my tp-link router. must install avahi to enable .local

i am not a professor with networking.

It’s also a client side requirement to be able to resolve .local via zeroconf/bonjour. Out of the box Android can’t do that and you need a special app handling that. MacOS/iOS comes preinstalled with the bonjour service and can resolve it. Linux needs avahi to do that and Windows needs bonjour (standalone or via iTunes) installed as a service. This is often overlooked and blamed on the server, but you can serve up name.local all day long and you won’t be able to resolve it if you do not have these prerequisites.