Where is File Server option?

I remember there was a File Server option in the dietpi-launcher somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it. I had options for samba and other FTP servers. Where is that?

Thank you!

Did you checked software available via dietpi-software?

Yes, it’s not there.

Did you go into search function and searched the software in question?

The thing is that I’m actually looking for that menu screen when that appears because I remember it having more options there. Was it removed?

We removed the option from main side. They should be available on the software selection menu. Did you already tried to search?

What should I search?

dietpi-software > Search Software or Browse Software

But that takes me to the search software option. I was looking for the menu because it was like a helper to setup FTP with multiple options.

I don’t know what FTP configuration option your are talking about. There was just an option to select SMABA or FTP server. This one has been removed as stated above. Both software title are available via the regular software option.

[ ]      ●─ File Servers ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── 
[ ] 94   ProFTPD: Efficient, lightweight FTP server                                 
[ ] 95   vsftpd: Very secure FTP server                                             
[ ] 96   Samba Server: Feature-rich SMB/CIFS server                                 
[ ] 109  NFS Server: Network File System server                                     

I think Miguel means the option to install FTP, webserver from the dietpi-software front menu.
You moved them to the software sub-menu a few months ago.

Even there I don’t have that option.

This is what I have

File server software title are available via the regular software selection menu. This was always the case and did not changed. We just removed the software preference options as they caused to much confusion.

Yes, selecting e.g. “Samba” from the old menu was just the same as installing “Samba Server” from the software browse or search menu, hence it was redundant and also looked like one could install only one of these options at a time, while Samba, NFS and FTP servers can run concurrently without issues.