What do you use Zeros for?

First thank you for awesome project.
Using dietpi on HC1 and testing it on RP3B+.

Now while installing hass on RP3B+ i saw notification it might take hours if you install it on zero. Which got me thinking and checking official stats about installations and usage if i didnt add it up wrong rasp zeros should be on 3rd place by dietpi installations.

At the moment i am using zero for motioneyeOS and gonna buy another 2, one for another camera and 1 probably for internet noise.
Yes i did google it and most of those projects are great on a site or as a show off but dont have alot of everyday use + sites just keep mentioning same projects.
But it got me thinking what are you using your zeros for ?

I really want to make one of these

ZeroBot Pro - Raspberry FPV Robot

More Info - https://hackaday.io/project/25092-zerobot-raspberry-pi-zero-fpv-robot/log/97988-the-new-zerobot-pro