Webmin DNS Issue


I have recently found and installed dietpi on my Raspberry Pi 2 and loaded it up with the programs I wanted.
However I seem to have a weird issue with webmin. If I navigate to the http:// it redirects me to https://, which is fine except that the dns is 0000mps.webpreview.dsl.net:10000.

I’ve tried to google to see if I can change it and have since seen that it is a malware phishing site. How can I remove/change the name?

Any help is appreciated

Many thanks G2F


yes it is a known malware domain.

It’s possible, that your browser hijacked, your network dns server entry is manipulated or your computer is infected.

Use a other PC or device to test if it will work. Webmin is listening on https://ip-address-of-your-RPi2:10000, e.g.

All the best!