Webmin and userdata as nfs share

Hi, hello to you. I’ve newly installed dietpi and while looking around, noticed in Webmin that if I go to Networking → NFS Exports that the share /mnt/dietpi_userdata from /etc/exports.d/dietpi.exports isn’t listed. Looks like Webmin isn’t recursing the directory.

A minor issue for me, since I know the share declared is in a separate file. Wondering if its a webmin thing or a dietpi/debian thing not to recurse (I’m thinking webmin wouldn’t know about exports.d sub-dir).


I assume you are running a NFS server and defined the NFS export in /etc/exports.d/dietpi.exports. Correct?
For me this looks more a Webmin issue, as using config directories (.d) is quite common on Linux based systems.

Hi, yeah I also think its webmin not looking in sub-directories. I didn’t edit the dietpi_exports, instead I created a new file rpi4b2gib_exports under the .d sub-dir

I’m hunting through the webmin docs and site for any info on a setting or config file that will enable directory recursing (is that a word :smiley:) of nfs exports.d


you could try how and where configs are stored if you go to manage NFS exports on Webmin directly.