Warning message from Medusa re Python 2.x

I’ve been running Medusa for some time on DietPi on an old Pi 2 - it’s slow but works!

I’m seeing this in the log file as a warning message :

2020-10-28 11:43:43 WARNING MAIN :: [b352bb6] As of October 1st 2020 Medusa will not run on Python 2.x any longer.
Python 2.x has passed its sunset date as you can read here: https://tinyurl.com/y4zwbawq
Please upgrade your Python version to 3.6 or higher as soon as possible!

So I’m posting this as either a question or a heads-up : Is there something I need to do or should have done or have done wrongly? If so, what should I do next?

Or is it a Dietpi thing that needs updating for the next release?



many thanks for your message. You don’t have done anything wrong. Python2 has been used in the past to setup thinks like Medusa. Due to EOL of Python2, this has been changed and on new installations Python3 will be used. However this will not update already running installations.

Means in your case 3 options to move ahead

  1. continue running with Python2, even if it is EOL
  2. perform a complet new installation, save your data, remove Medusa and Python2 (if not used on other installations) and perform a clean new installation
  3. install Python3 only and reconfigure Medusa service to run with Python3

In any case, for option 2 and 3 its recommended to perform a dietpi-backup before

Thank you. I will probably make a fresh install, since the Medusa setup isn’t complicated and only tracks a few TV shows, I can easily add them again.

Yes that’s best. Python 3 support for Medusa has been added quite recently so installing Python 3 and changing the systemd service alone might not be sufficient.