VPN "in" and VPN for Deluge conflict

maybe the WiFi network you are connecting has same IP address range like your home network?

Yes, they have the same IP range 192.168.1.x
Could it be the issue?

It is very much the issue.

Try to add IP range as additional allowed IPs into client configuration on your mobile device.

I have as allowed IPs so I guess it is supposed to work, or am I wrong?

I had a similar case in past while I was on a holiday cottage. Solution was to add the additional IP range into client configuration.

Best way is to change the subnet at home into something less common, like
If this is not possible at the moment, then adding the subnet as @Joulinar suggested will create a dedicated static route for this prefix which will hopefully get more weight than the local. You’ll be isolated from the local lan, but at least you’ll be connected to the home.