VPN client for DietPi

Yes, I have nextcloud installed on dietpi with ssl from ddns (no-ip). Do I have to open port on my router 1194?

If I have understood properly, the VPN is terminating on the dietpi. Is that correct?
If so the port forward on the router is pointless. You have 2 options:
Either you ask the vpn provider to do the port forwarding, which might as well be from difficult to impossible.
Or you create some traffic rules on dietpi for policy based routing. This means that traffic that matches certain criteria (e.g source port) will be forwarded to the ISP and not to the VPN.

Have paid for VPS on ArubaCloud and then on debian server I install openvpn server. There I generate ovpn files. I use that on my laptops, smartphone and OSMC. Now I want to use that on Dietpi on my Rpi4 in my home.

ok have some ??? why do you need DietPi connected to your VPS Server? I mean your NextCloud is reachable from Internet right now as you have forwarded http/https to your DietPi system. So you can connect directly from the global web. No need for any VPN solution.

Next to this, you could install a VPN server on your DietPi system if needed. Or for what do you use the VPS Server? Does it do anything else?

As I understood DietPi is just the client, the VPS Sever will act as OpenVPN server. Therefore no need to open Port on your Router. This is needed for incoming traffic only. Means if DietPi would act as Server and not as Client.

Lovely, then you can open the ports you need on the VPS.

As other devices are already able to connect to the VPS System, no need to port opening there. :wink:

I use openvpn server (installed on VPS) for security. It hides my IP. I think to close that VPS but I don’t know if when I install openvpn server or PiVPN on my dietpi what IP it will show?

it will show your public IP of your private ISP

So that is pointless because I use vpn to hide my IP and it shows now IP of my VPS that is in another country.

so you still need to fix that your DietPi system is not able to connect to your VPS Server. Therefore still my recommendation to create a complete new config file and delete all the other config files.

but if you like to route your entire internet traffic from your home network to the VPN, you should consider WireGuard as VPN technology as its faster and more lightweight than OpenVPN. Ok downside is that WireGuard is net yet marked as stable and still under development.

OK, I read about that. One more time thank You for Your time.
Regards Przemek

Very nice!!!

This is exactly was I was looking for, thanks!