VNC4 Unencrypted Connection

I recently set up an Odroid C2 using Dietpi. I’m getting an error stating that The connection to this VNC Server will not be encrypted. I have no issues with encryption on my Raspberry Pi using Raspbian.

Also, I’ve read the tutorial to set up VNC Server here:

I have my dietpi auto-start set to automatic login and I’m using LXDE as the desktop. However when I set the following line from 0 to 1:

trying to connect will return an error saying that the connection was refused by the computer. It doesn’t matter if I connect to Local_IP::5901 or Local_IP:1, I get both errors. Any idea how to fix this?

Edit: I also have an issue where connecting to VNC after the device has been idle for a while results in a black screen or the taskbar will be black. I can still connect through putty and use it, but the desktop isn’t working. Also the VNC config pops up every time if I do see the screen.