Very strange things happens with Dietpi v158

I am having only problems with dietpi v158
It is not possible to install any software, dietpi losses everytime connection, and says there is no internet connection. But there is.

Every installation is stopped.

I have tried 3 SD cards, eveytime the same, and have made 1 sd card corrupt.
What is going on, am i doing something wrong?

Any time a SBC has “Flaky” type issues…more than likely the unit is not getting enough voltage or current…might need to see if you can power thru the IO pins or get a better power supply…

I had a fit of a time with this…once I got some pins and fed 5vdc directly into the IO pins 4 and 6 did it start running stable (you just must make sure it’s a regulated 5vdc or it could smoke the board)

Thanks, That was the problem.

Not enough current.
The older versions of dietpi it was not a problem.
I have to look on ebay for better power supply’s