Vaultwarden and HTTPS tutorial

Bonus question:
I can reach vaultwarden via web now. But…the web interface is a little mobile-unfriendly…

What if I wanted to use the bitwarden android app using my selfhosted vaultwarden instance?

I am aware I have to enter the base server url in the app…

But I couldn’t make it connect so far with the credentials I have setup via the webvault.

What would be the base url- Or

Note: doesn’t work as the bitwarden client automatically removes the trailing slash

Any experience in using the bitwarden client with a selfhosted server?

Thanks again!

It should be using the sub path. The trailing slash challange is somehow known to Vaultwarden guys and documented on thier wiki Using an alternate base dir · dani-garcia/vaultwarden Wiki · GitHub However I’m not 100% sure on a solution for using lighttpd as revers proxy :thinking:

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Thanks for confirming.

Just tested the android bitwarden app and I can login to my selfhosted vaultwarden instance.

All good, all working. :grinning: