v94 and v101

One question, maybe stupid,

I try to download v101, and everywhere I fins v94. Is this because when you install DietPI v94, it autoupdates to v101 (I’m talking about the first boot, when you can choose what software to install).

Thanks for the answer,


v94 is the latest Image. So you are not doing anything wrong.

At first Boot after Internet connection is established DietPi will automatically start the upgrade Process.

Check FourDee’s answer in another similar Post:

Regarding the DietPi images, yes, they automatically update during 1st run. So unlike other image based projects, we dont need to make/use a new image each time.
I tend to update the images where there are a lot of big changes that take a long time to update. The image creation also takes time as we need to do each of the 6 images.

Yup! So right now v94 is the latest Image and v101 is the latest version.


Thank you very much for your answer, I didn’t know it :slight_smile: