DietPi-Software | Enabled minidlna installation option for Orange Pi and VMware.

DietPi-Software | Modified the installation method of phpBB3 forums. No longer uses apt installation. Downloads and sets up the phpbb.zip.

DietPi-Config > AutoBoot options | Added “Console: Automatic Login” option. Useful for custom projects that require autologin on main terminal (tty1), without launching a specific program.

DietPi-Config (RPi) > Audio options > Soundcard | You can now select “none” as your soundcard. This will disable the snd-bcm2835 kernel module, saving memory and resources.

DietPi-Config (OPi PC) | Changed 3.5mm asound.conf to use plug rather than direct hw.

DietPi-Software (OPi PC) | Installing HiFi will now default to 3.5mm output and unmute it, regardless of default device used in asound.conf.

Bug fixes:
DietPi-Ramlog | Resolved an issue where “Full” and “None” logging modes, would clear logfile contents during boot. https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/112

DietPi-Apt-get_Update | Resolved an issue where the state file would stay at 0 (which believes apt-get is running), causing endless waiting.

DietPi-Software (RPi Jessie) | Resolved an issue where Kodi would install using packages from deb.multimedia, rather than Raspbian. This was due to FFMPEG installation which requires the additional repo. After installing FFMPEG, the deb.multimedia repo will now be removed. https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/111

DietPi-Software (OPi PC) | Resolved broken volume controls for HiFi (mpd+ympd) using 3.5mm output.

DietPi-External_drive_setup (RPi) | When setting up a dedicated external drive, rootdelay=10 will be added to cmdline.txt. This should prevent slow powering external drives, from failing to be ready and mountable during boot.