I have just used the Prep script on an Armbian Buster download for an old OrangePi Zero H2+. It is just brilliant.

My only thoughts are, it was really difficult to find the instructions; they were in an old issue on GitHub. I would like to see them in the main readme or at least the WiKi.

Secondly, at the end of the script, there is a message about creating an img file. Could some instructions be added on how to do that, please? I’ve got a second OrangePi and I’ll need to do the whole sequence again :roll_eyes:.

many thanks for your report.

Well the script did not reached a final stable status yet. Therefore, I guess, it’s not official documented :wink:

There are quite some tools on the internet allowing to clone SD cards like win32 disk imager. But maybe MichaIng will share some inside how he is creating the official DietPi images.

It will never be 100% stable since we need to do quite some system changes, depending on the pre-image and if it is very customized, some manual tinkering can be required. But I agree we need some updated manual on the wiki. Will do that when I find time.

For the image creation we use (from an external DietPi system or emulation/container host):

bash -c "$(curl -sSL"

Select drive or image as source, depending on how you attached the one to create and NOT Clonezilla-based installer, since this only works for x86_64 target systems.

Can I just check the process - Run the Prep script - shutdown that device - take out SDCard - mount SDCard on a different device - run that command pointing to the mounted SD Card.

Perhaps that could be added to the docs as well. :smiley:

Jep that’s how it can be done and yes I’ll add this to the wiki entry about how to create DietPi images a generic way.

Brilliant - many thanks for DietPi!!!