Using Pi-Hole with hostap wireless access point

I have setup Diet-Pi on RP-3B+ to run hostap and pihole. pihole only works on clients connected via LAN but all clients which connect to hostap wireless access point do not show up on dashboard.

I have configured Settings to use Cloudfare DNS and allow and from all origins for the LAN connection but still no Pi-Hole for wireless clients.

Do I need to setup the DNS for hostap to point to pi-hole which uses same ip address? Thanks for any help. :sunglasses:


many thanks for your request. Your WiFi HotSpot is providing an own subnet with own IP address range, own DHCP and DNS config. Therefore you would need to specify the PiHole DNS Server within HotSpot DHCP Server config

nano /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf

There you would need to change option domain-name-servers to point to your PiHole. If you running the standard setup, it’s same as option routers Once done save the file and restart DHCP server.

systemctl restart isc-dhcp-server.service

To get new DNS settings on your device, you would need to reconnect to WiFi. Within PiHole you would need to set DNS Server to Listen on all interfaces, permit all origins.