Using GPIO/SPI on small board like NanoPi or RockPi for RC522 RFID/NFC-reader? (Python3)

Hi all,

With the regular Raspberry Pi being a bit too large for my project and the Raspberry Pi Zero W being too slow, I am looking for an alternative board. I looked at DietPi supported boards and it seems something like the NanoPi Neo Air or Rock Pi S could fit (tiny, WiFi, USB, GPIO).

Besides button input I want to read RFID/NFC Tags, with the Raspberry Pi I have been using the Python pi-rc522 library. It uses GPIO and SPI, for Raspberry and Beagleboard it already imports different libraries to access those. FriendlyARM has a Python GPIO library for the NanoPi, but no SPI. For Rock Pi I have not found anything yet.

What’s your experience with NanoPi Neo Air or Rock Pi S, can they be used with Raspberry Python software utilizing GPIO and SPI without too much hassle?