Users, permissions, sonarr, transmission, kodi...

Hi. Everything works fine but suddenly (maybe since updating to v6.28.0) sonarr and transmission aren’t writing files as ‘root’ but as their own users ('sonarr" and “debian-transmission”). That leads to Kodi not being able to access the files as direct paths through samba.

I know it’s just a permissions issue but I don’t know how to fix it.

I’m attaching a screen capture where you can see that “Avenue 5” was created by user “sonarr” but previous folders where created by “root”. Same within that folder, you can see files created by sonarr and transmission, while before they were always created by “root”. I haven’t touched any configurations.

How can I let Kodi see these files through samba?

Changing settings.json for transmission-daemon apparently fixed the permissions issue:

"umask": 0,

I still don’t understand what changed on my rp3 that made sonarr and transmission switch from writing files as root to their own users.

All the best!


many thanks for your report and providing the fix as well
For some application the topic around user, groups and permissions is under review. To exactly avoid the situation you faced.

  • DietPi-Software | Sonarr/Radarr/Lidarr: Create run user with “dietpi” as primary group and skip creation of group with same name. This resolves potential issues where supplementary groups are overwritten by the systemd units “Group=” setting.

Great, thanks! I know my band-aid is not very good, I’m lowering security by letting transmission write directories and files as 0777. I’ll be paying attention to a future better solution.