User dietpi changes owner of files in home directory

Hi Fourdee,

I’ve self-installed Medusa (SickRage fork) and created the user medusa as in their installation guide:

I’ve changed the ownership of the directory to medusa but I’ve noticed that if I then install something from the dietpi-software menu that it changes ownership of the medusa folder to dietpi, hence medusa stops working. Easy to fix but not sure if this is deliberate on your part?

This change of ownership can potentially break self-installed programs located in the user’s home directory.


Hi John,

I cant see anything we apply for /var/lib, although we do apply for /var/lib/mpd etc. However this should not change the permissions of /var/lib.

Same for /opt/medusa

Which directory is in question?

Hi Fourdee,

I have dietpi set my directly as /home/john on all devices (/mnt/dietpi_userdata links to it)

If I install anything manually I put it there.

So Medusa is in /home/john/medusa.

I installed SickRage (I wanted to see how it did ssl compared to Medusa) and ithe ownership of /home/john/medusa changed to dietpi.

This also happened on another device but I can’t remember exactly what I was installing on that one.


Hi again Fourdee,

This just happened again - this time I installed Pihole on the Z83 and after this the ownership of the medusa folder (and its contents) changed to dietpi.

Is this maybe a bug that has previously gone unnoticed as self-installed programs are invariably done as root - so changing ownership to dietpi wouldn’t stop them from running. In Medusa’s case I created the user medusa with less than root privileges, so changing ownership stopped it from running as it couldn’t write to the config file.