User Data Question

Hi everyone,

I just ordered an Odroid N2+ and am planning on running it with DietPi. My use case will be Plex Server (with sonar, radar, jackett etc) + NextCloud. Will have external usb 3.0 drives attached. My question is regarding userdata.

Would it be advisable to move user data to an external HDD? Or keep it in the eMMC? I’m guessing I can choose to share in SMB or NFS anything I want right (external HDDs). I’m just afraid user data may be something that can quickly grow on a 32GB eMMC.

Thanks in advance!


many thanks for your request. Yes it would be wise to move dietpi user data to an external device. Just do it before any installation.

Thank you!

May I ask another quick question? Is Ipv6 mandatory/on by default? As I read something about that. Is it necessary for everything to function properly? Should I enable ipv6 on my router before installing?

Thanks again!

No it’s not necessary to use IPv6. It’s recommended to have it disabled on DietPi if you don’t use it on your local network.

Thank you for being extremely helpful.

I was hoping to use 2 usb drives (one ssd and one hdd) and have regular userdata in the SSD due to speed efficiencies but keep the Plex movie library in the HDD. If I move the userdata upon installation to the SSD I’d still be able to point Plex to use the HDD as the library location right?

My question is due to this:

In DietPi, we class user data as:

Data storage for applications. Some examples:
Ownclound/NextCloud data store.
BitTorrent downloads.
SQL data store (v142+)
The location where your fileserver choice will point to, if you install one (eg: Samba Server, Proftpd).
The location where you can upload and store your media content, for other applications to use (eg: Kodi, Emby, Plex etc).

in theory this is possible. You just need to mount the SSD/HDD to correct place

Could you expand on that? “mount to correct place”

can you share the folder that you like to store on HDD?

Plex library essentially.

Userdata is in SSD. I created folders in the HDD for the plex library. I set sonarr and radarr to download there, though qbittorrents default location is userdata/downloads. Files are still going there, I don’t know if it’s possible to make sonarr/radarr to move them out of there once their downloaded.

I’m a complete noob at this but I thought what I was trying to achieve would be fairly simple :frowning: