use SD-card in another Raspi


could i setup DietPi with DHCP-assigned IP on a SD card in my Raspi 3 and just give the card to a friend to use the installation on his Raspi 2 then adding whatever he needs like PiHole (with static IP) in his network or would it be better to let him install everything from scratch using his Raspi?

Thanks and have a great weekend



I need to say I don’t have a RPi2 but I swapped SD cards between 3 and 4 quite often. I guess it should work as well. Just give it a try.

If system is booting fine, your friend can assign his static IP and install what he requires.

I often swapped cards from pizero right up to pi4 and all inbetween (except pi1), never had a problem, certinly when upgrading the pi.
I suspect when going downgrading e.g. Pi4 to pi zero there will be the potential for dross on the card, so a clean wouldn’t hurt if permanently being used in the lower spec device.
I do a lot of playing on the Pi4 and then use the installation on other devices, although I rarely use a desktop installation
e.g I set up a local web testing server on Pi4 server on Pi4, then swapped to pi zero for general use.
Similarly set up pihole on Pi4 and copied to pi zero and then upgraded to a Pi3 Compute to incorporate a hard drive, also copied to a Pi2 for a different site.

However for anything critical I tend to install from scratch on the specific device, just incase. :smiley: as iyts so quick andf easy.