use google home to shutdown pi

Hi guys so i have a idea but not sure how to implement it

I have a Raspberry pi 2 running Dietpi - i have installed the plex server on it, with 2 hard drives hooked up to it full of movies etc.

I have another pi upstairs that has plex and i use it to stream my movies to it

I just bought a google home mum and want to be able to say “hey google shutdown pi server” or something like that. I want that to be able to run a command line in the terminal on the plex server - shutdown now, so that it shuts down properly and removes the hard drives properly.

I would love it to then wait for 2 mins (for the hard drives to shut off properly) then turn off my smart plug - if that isn’t possible that okay as i could just ask the google home mini - “hey google shutdown pi server plug” or something like that.

Any help would be great - i don’t really know where to start!