USB HHD idles and does not "wake up"


firstly - kind of a linux noob here, so go easy on me…:slight_smile:

I have succesfully installed Dietpi (great work, btw!) on a Rpi4 2gb and have a WD red 2TB connected via an externally powered 2-bay dock. The dock is connected via USB3. There was no problem formatting and adding the drive, and the setup itself works fine - nzbget, sonarr, couchpotato and NFS share on RPI - KODI on a NVIDIA shield tv. The problem is, that the HDD disappears and the only way to make the system discover it again/force the HDD to wake up, is to yank the usb-plug and reconnect. I would certainly like to make use of the HDD powering down, when not in use, but how do i make sure the Rpi send a “wake-signal”, when for instance, NZBget would like to write to the HDD, or KODI wants to read from it?

Br. Christian

…and I have to re-mount the HDD, to its previous mnt-point after reboot, to make NZBget load correctly…

no good suggestions - anyone? :slight_smile:

Just an idea - plug the drive into a Windows computer and run the WD utility to ensure firmware is up to date ect, and adjust spin down settings.

I’ve done similar with a Seagate drive, I assume WD have a similar utility.

Thx for suggestion - i have kinda made it work. Not sure if it was the right solution…
Did a clean install and choose Kyberm when formatting/mounting the drive. As of now it hasn’t gone to “sleep”, without being able to wake up again.

Hello koymoy,

Can you please explain what is “Kyberm”?
I have similar issue. My HDD sleeps on reboot. But works normally on cold start.