USB HDD spin up every 4 minutes

I have an external USB HDD. The spin down works, but every 4 minutes there is something accessing the HDD so it spin up again.
I have a fresh install of the latest dietpi (V8.8.1) on a Rpi4B 8GB
I have no idea what is going on.

What do you store on this HDD? (Propably no system files)

I have nothing running on the pi. Barebone Dietpi with no other software installed. The only thing I have done, is mounting the drive via drive_manager. The file system is NTFS if this matter.
The goal is running a samba server and a plex media server on the pi.

Sometime thinks like spin up/down times could be adjusted using HDD vendor management tools. Typically, these software suites are available on Windows or MacOS. Maybe you could give it a try.

I have tried a different HDD in a different enclosure. That HDD is not spinning up frequently. So it seems this is a problem with this specific HDD or/and enclosure. Thanx for this advice.

Try to connect the HDD to a desktop computer and check with vendor tool if there is a possibility to change settings if the HDD.