usb boot rpi4, howto?

I would like to make a fresh install on a ssd and boot from that.

How is that done the correct way?

Should i still use 32bit? 64bit is still in beta.

Is it running without problems when changing to ssd instead of micro sd?

Is there anything other i should be aware of?


many thanks for your message.

You simply can flash the image on the SSD and boot it up. If the system is not booting on USB3, just try it on USB2. We already know, some SSD have issues to boot on USB3 and some adjustments are needed once system is up with USB2.

The 64bit image is still bete due to Raspberry OS 64bit being still in beta. DietPi is using Raspberry OS as base image for RPi devices and we are depending on the final release of Raspberry OS 64bit by Raspberry Foundation. As it’s still beta some features might not work and/or missing.

I haven’t got to it yet, but it’s getting closer.

Is there any different in using usb2 vs usb3 when it’s just for usb boot?

well if your USB device will support USB3, it should be faster on r/w operation.