Updating V157 to V156??

I’ve been having a few instances when the splash screen is telling me that an update is available. I’ve used dietpi-update and been told I’m already using the latest version.

Now I’m getting this:
Any ideas as to why this might be?

Should I maybe wait for V158 and see if that clears it?

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I’m seeing the same issue and I’m using V158. I can tell you this is only comes up when I have no internet connection or if I’m booting and the network isn’t up yet.

Looking at the source code I found something in the dietpi-banner script that looks for a file call .update_available but I don’t have such a file on my system so there must be an error elsewhere I haven’t had time to find. The important thing to not is that the installed version number is higher than the update so you know you don’t have to update.

Hopeful this helps anyone else with this issue. Has anyone opened a Ticket for this Bug?

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the report.

Had a quick look at the script, can see there may be a case where no internet connection and a previous .update_available file would still exist.
We’ll get this fixed:

Thanks for looking in to this issue,

I found a .update_available in the /boot/dietpi folder once I deleted it the issue was solved.