Updating mariadb


On my dietpi machine I am running the latest version of dietpi (6.32.2).
I have installed package 82 (from “Software optimised”) which will result in having mariadb 10.1.45 being installed.

How can I upgrade that one to the latest 10.5.5 version?
I would suggest to do it with apt-get but will this affect “dietpi-update” in any terms? Usually I keep my dietpi box up to date by using the built-in tool.

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many thanks for your question. You can perfrom apt update && apt upgrade without issues. There will be no negativ impact on dietpi-update. Basically dietpi-update is doing the same prior to update DietPi core scripts.

Thanks for that fast reply.

So if I run dietpi-update the mariadb engine will also be updated to the latest version 10.5.5?

well it depends if there is an update available for DietPi themselves. If you are already on lates version of DietPi v6.32.2, dietpi-update will not do anything. Therefore running apt update && apt upgrade would be better in your case.

Thanks for clarification.