Update webinterface ssl certificate

It’s stupid as I did it a year ago … but I don’t find where to update the certificate for the web interface.
I’m using my own provider it’s not the let’s encrypt one …
Thanks …

This simply depends on your application. What kind of web interface you have? A web browser or something different?

sorry … I forgot the main part … it’s Pi-hole

Ok PiHole is using a standard web server. Which one you have installed?

I have lighttpd installed

did you activate SSL certificates manually? If yes, you could have a look to lighttpd configurations where you specified / activated https


or additional files in


thanks! in fact in was in /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled/50-dietpi-https.conf but you help me to find the information … after was not easy to do the pem files but I did

this is the configuration file created by our scripts if you use dietpi-letsencrypt. I thought you created something manually on your own :roll_eyes: