Update Unbound to latest release (1.15.0)

Hi DietPi team,

Would it be possible to get Unbound updated to the latest release please. Currently we are running v1.13.1 and latest release is 1.15.0 as you may already be aware.

You guys doing some awesome work here!


something we are not realy able to influance as we install unbound from global Debian package repositotry. There latest version on Debian Bullseye is 1.13.1-1


Version 1.15.0-8 is available on Debian Bookworm only. Means you have 2 options. Install and compile unbound from source by yourself or update your system to Debian bookworm manually.

I think I also answered on Patreon already: We may send a backport request to Debian, since also v1.13 has been backported to Buster, so there is some hope :slight_smile:.