update subsonic to 6.1.1


I like to request a feature to easily update subsonic to future version as they release. Right now version 5 and 6 can be installed from installer from dietpi, but there are quiet some changes that have been implemented in 6.1.1.


Easy done - download the .deb file to a temp directory then from the command line

dpkg -i *.deb

This will do the update.

As a rule dietpi does a great job installing software (especially tricky stuff like Emby, SickRage and Subsonic) but updating is down to doing it manually or by apt-get update/upgrade.

I tried that but the problem is after installation is complete I cant load the web interface. It gives connection refused error. I tried several time so i am thinking there is some optimization dietpi need to do or update tweaks webserver or something. Please help.

Odd I did this myself just the other day and no problem. Perhaps try shutting down Subsonic before doing the update if you haven’t?