Update Netdata via dietpi?


Is there a way to upgrade netdata via dietpi?

I know there are new versions, and while I can just install from git, I had originally installed from the dietpi-software manager.

Hi Ryan,

For our NetData install, we pre-compile binaries and host on DietPi.com. We update those when we can, then patch existing installations automatically during dietpi-update.

Current NetData version on DietPi is 1.5. Make sure your running latest version of DietPi.

Looks like 1.6 is out, i’ll get that done today and release v147 today, will automatically patch your install to v1.6 during update:

Ticket/status: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/832

v147 released.

Run the following to update and patch NetData to v1.6:


Thank you. I notice in the NetData site, they are on version 1.6.1_rolling.

Further, one can use a symlink to update daily

ln -s /root/netdata/netdata-updater.sh /etc/cron.daily/netdata-updater.sh

Is it possible to have the dietpi version support this or something similar. This seems to update so frequently.


Our installation uses binaries that I compiled myself for the convenience of our DietPi users.

  • vastly reduces the size of this installation (as we dont need build/git prereqs).
  • the time of the installation (no compile needed).
  • No chance of compile/build failure.
  • Tested by us and guaranteed to install/work.

^^ “Lightweight justice”

If we didn’t do this, the installation would be a source compile, not ideal.

The downside is, we must maintain the binaries and update with NetData releases. I do monitor the releases when possible, usually every 2-4 weeks. So yes, our install may be 2-4 weeks (+ any delay in DietPi version completion/release) behind NetData releases.